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Heads up! Last Update : 27/3/2023

Pinterest Video Downloader is a powerful video downloading web software that will aid you in downloading any video,gif,img uploaded on Pinterest for free.Pinterest is an American social networking and image-sharing website that allows users to store and organise material online by creating pinboards utilising images, videos, and, to a lesser degree, animated GIFs.

Easy Download

Pinterest video downloader is an advance downloader which helps you to download video,gif and photos from pinterest fast and easy

All Format Supported

Our pinterest downloader supports all type of file such as mp4,mp3,jpg etc


We don't save any kind of data in our server. We only require the pinterest post link, which is already public


We provide our service free for everyone, without any monthly or one time charges

Download Pinterest Video In Using Mobile 📱

Pinterest Video Downloader for mobile is easy to use and can be summarized in 3 steps as given below.
Downloader can easily download videos/gif from Pinterest  without any issues.
Pinterest Video Downloader can download in mp4,gif and much more

Pinterest Video Downloader

Step:1.Click On The Option

download Pinterest Video

Step:2. Copy The Link

Free video downloader

Step:3. Download Video

Download Pinterest Video In Pc 🖥️

Pinterest Video Downloader for pc users. our app supports all computers including mac and windows.Please follow the instrustions to download Pinterest video

1 . Go to the video you want to download

2. Click on the Share button then "Copy Link"


Pinterest Video Downloader

3. Paste the link about & Click Submit

4. Now website will load the details.

5. Choose from the different video format and size.

6. Click Download

Frequently Asked Question

Is Pinterest Video Downloader free?

Yes! Our tool is completely free to use and will remain so in the future..

Is Pinterest Video Downloader Safe?

100% ! We don't gather any personal data. We simply need a link to a post that is already available to the public.

How can I download Pinterest videos for free online?

Pinterest Video Downloader is a free tool for this. just copy paste the link of the pin and click download. its that easy

Does the amount of videos I can download have a cap?

No, the Pinterest Video Downloader has no limit.

Can I convert a video from Pinterest to MP4?

Yes. all options are available once you click submit